About NGII


The National Geographic Information Institute consists of 7 departments under the Director General. These include; Planning & Policy, General Services, Geodesy, Geospatial Imagery Information & Photogrammetry, Geographic Information, National Geographic Data Monitoring, National Land Satellite Center, with 121 government employees. The directors in each department work with high technology equipment for geodesy, photogrammetry, cartography, print and computerized management systems.

Director General

Planning and Policy

Planning and Coordination

International Cooperation and Standards

Regulation and Legal Affairs

IT Management

General Services

Corporate Services


Customer Services


Geodetic Planning

Geodetic Operation

CORS Operation

Space Geodetic Observation Center

Smart Spatial Information Division

Geospatial Imagery Planning

Geospatial Imagery Application

Geospatial Imagery Security

Geographic Information

National Base Map

Map Application

Map Quality Control

National Geographic Data Monitoring

National Territorial Statistic Monitoring

Geographical Names Management

Product Distribution

National Land Satellite Center

Satellite Planning

Satellite Operation

Satellite Utilization