Key Activities

Geospatial Imagery Information

NGII produces a variety of national geospatial imagerythrough high-resolution aerial photograph technology

Digital Elevation Model

NGII establishes the relief displacement of geography into a digital elevation model on 1m x 1m, 5m x 5m or 10m x 10m grid by using aerial images, LiDAR and digital topographic map

  • [ 3-D Geospatial Information ]

  • [ DSM ]

  • [ DEM ]

The DEM is utilized in fields such as earth. The DEM has been applied to volume calculation, topographic analysis and selection of appropriate land

1X1m 5X5m 10X10m 90X90m
Seoul, Gyeonggi Province and parts of six metropolitan areas
(not open to public)
Entire country
(not open to public)
Entire country
(open to public)