Key Activities


NGII lays the foundation for convergence of Various industrial fields through the production of customized maps to serve the diverse needs of people

Large-scale Digital Topographic Map(1:1,000)

Producing digital topographic maps through matching funds (50:50) with local governments for urban areas

Produced maps for 82 cities spanning apporx. 9,000㎢ and suburb areas spanning 50 ㎢

National Base Map(Digital Topographic Map on Scale of 1:5,000)

Revising all information on national base map every two years and important data such as large buildings and roads every two weeks

No. of map: 18,074 sheets

Paper Topographic Map

  • [ Paper Topographic Map ]

  • [ Complete Map of Korea ]

  • [ Map of Korea and Vicinity ]

Coastal area base map

Producing 1:25,000 scale topographic maps including coastal areas with information on water depth and sediments displayed

World Map[Robinson Projection]

Projection: Producing world maps in Korean using Mercator’s, Robinson, Eckert’s, Winkel Tripel and Goode homolosine projections

Multiple languages: Producing world maps in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic using Robinson projection

[ Robinson Projection ]

Mapping of North Korea [Production Status (late 2016)]

NGII digitally maps North Korea using satellite image in 1:25,000 scale and major areas of North Korea in 1:5,000 scale

1/5,000 1/25,000 1/50,000
254 sheets 2,525 sheets 557 sheets


  • [ Orthogonal Imagery Map ]

  • [ 1:25,000-scale Topographic Map ]