About NGII



Contribution to the national development by setting up the national geodetic datum and sharing system of geospatial information


Service of the valuable geospatial information [Hub for Integrating Geospatial Information & Creating Value]

Management policy

Contribution of the whole system about geospatial information satisfying all the people

Contribution of National Geodetic Datum
Management of National Control Point
Operating Space Geodetic observation Center
Monitoring of diastrophism
Building up Geospatial Information
Establishing national base map
Creating DB of aerial photographs & orthophotographs
Conducting national land survey & organizing geographical names
International Cooperation
Forming international network & cooperating with U.N.
Supporting overseas expansion of Korean companies to Africa and Eurasia
Education & Public Service
Running National Map Museum
Operating Educational Program on geospatial information
Operating Geospatial Information Application Support Center