About NGII

Director General's Message

Today, the world is changing rapidly and even the changes in other parts of the world immediately affect us, which requires real-time response to such rapid changes.

We have reached a point where spatial information business has become borderless and the demand of users is coming to be more diverse.

In order to respond to these changes, National Geographic Information Institute makes an utmost effort as the central government institute since its establishment in 1974. It provides the latest and accurate information to the public to realize “Digital Territory” in the Republic of Korea based on patriotic spirit on our land by producing, recording and managing of national spatial information.

To encourage spatial information provided by NGII to be widely used in our real life such as construction sites and establishment of national spatial information system, abundant ideas and spatial information will be the foundation that sustains Korea.
Also, NGII will strive to promote spatial information as a source technology in the knowledge information age, which will improve national competitiveness.

We will make our best endeavor to fulfill our responsibilities such as managing geodetic VLBI center, setting up 3 dimensional aerial information, modifying national base map in real time, establishing human geographical DB, conducting research and development on spatial information, providing geographic training services to the public and strengthening international cooperation.

Under our slogan, "Homeland love in our mind, geospatial information in daily life", we are devoting our sincere effort to make contribution to enhancing national prestige in the international society in the field of surveying and mapping as well as improving living standards of our people.