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Attendance on 5th Eurasian SDI Conference (September, 2019)

Planning and Policy 2019-12-03 2567

During 24th to 25th of September, 5th Eurasian SDI Conference was held with more than 100 participants. The main concept of conference was 'From e-Government towards g-Government' and the purpose of the conference was discussing for future cooperation plan for smooth business promotion of utilization of geospatial information into e-Government.


The conference discussed on the status of SDI construction in each country, presentation of best practices, and measures for ongoing cooperation. Korean delegation participated in presentations and discussions on sharing spatial information utilized into e-Government. In particular, it introduces Korea's efforts and examples of how to use spatial information and e-government (national land information platform, etc.) and gains great sympathy from member countries. In addition, It introduces the current state of building and using tactile maps for the socially underprivileged and emphasizes the importance of policies not only excluded from the general public but also people in blind spots.


On the workshop, Korean experts was dispatched to conduct technical consulting for member countries. Also, during the workshop, NGII shared the experience and technology of Korean spatial information infrastructure and discussed future cooperation.