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Attendance on 9th Committee of Expert on UN-GGIM (August, 2019)

Planning and Policy 2019-12-03 2390

9th Committee of Expert on UN-GGIM was held from 7th of August to 9th of August 2019, at the United Nations Headquarter in New York. Around 400 participants from the member states of UN-GGIM and international organizations participated in it.


As the development of each UN-GGIM agenda, Integrated Geospatial Information Framework agenda has been embodied in a concept that encompasses other agendas. In particular, based on Korea's 20-year experience in establishing NSDI, NGII will cooperate with the World Bank to provide Korean cases for the implementation of this agenda. Also, NGII introduced its advanced national geodetic reference and experience sharing in response to major resolutions to promote establishing Global Geodetic Center of Excellence and sharing VLBI information.


The UN-GGIM technology agenda is discussed and linked around the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF), so that the close cooperation with the World Bank will continue to ensure that the experience of NSDI deployment in Korea is reflected in the third phase action plan.


NGII will participate the 6th UN-GGIM High Level Forum on April, 2020 in UK to discuss and establish the action plan for future development.