Operations Hours
10:00 ~ 17:00

Information of Storyline

STEP 1. Central Hall
A large globe with a diameter of 2 meters, a model of Mugunghwa satellite and a large map of the Korean peninsula are also displayed.
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STEP 2. Antique Hall
Visitors have access to various types of old maps, including diverse world maps, old maps of Korea, Seoul and world maps are on display. A large printed copy of Daedongyeojido is also displayed on this floor for visitors' inspection.
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STEP 3. Modern Hall
Diverse globes from all nations of the world and souvenirs are available. There are also GIS and airplane view touring corners. Visitors can personally try map-making process here.
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STEP 4. Open-air Exhibits
There is a statue of Kim Jung-ho, who is a pioneer of map making in Korea. It also displays the origin of Korea longitude and latitude, GPS observation facility, and various measurement facility models that set the standard of location from Greenwich Observatory of the world, which is the world standard of location.
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