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   The characteristic of VLBI in Korea

  Antenna part

Various electromagnetic waves are received by antenna (diameter = 22m). We collect specific information form the waves.

  Driving part

VLBI antenna of SGOC has high driving speed. With its outstanding driving speed, we can observe a large number of quasars.
- driving speed : AZ 5˚/sec, AL 5˚/sec
- range of driving : AZ ±270˚, AL 0˚ ~ 90˚

  Receiver part

VLBI system of SGOC is available for observation in four different frequency bands at the same time. 2GHz, 8GHz bands for international measurement and
22GHz, 43GHz bands for domestic measurement.
- Geodetic VLBI : 2, 8GHz
- VLBI (with *KASI): 28, 43GHz
(*Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
  Clock part

The arrival time of quasar’s electromagnetic wave is measured by the atomic clock. The error of atomic clock is 1sec per 1million years.