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 VLBI activity 

Participation in International Earth Rotation Service(IERS)’s observation '14.10 ~
    - leap second observation, precession, nutation etc.

Crustal displacement observation in Asia Pacific ’15.1
    - Participants : Korea, USA, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand

Participation in observation to decide World Geodetic System '15.1~
    - participants : Korea, USA, China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Norway, Russia, RSA, Ukraine, Finland

Domestic crustal displacement observation '17.1~
    - Monitoring earth plate with 4 VLBI system which are operated by National Geographic Information Institute(NGII) and Korea Astronomy
      and Space Science Institute(KASI) (NGII 1 , KASI 3)

Participation in observation research which uses Chinese satellite Chang’e 3 '14.12~
    - Participants : China, Korea
    * Supervision: Shanghai Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences