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2000´s NGII Research Results
2000Research into Technology to Produce Zero Defects Digital Map Samples Research into Coordinate System Conversion of Digital Map Development and Conversion of Korean Language Font for Digital Map Research into Role of GPS Permanent Observatory and Data Distribution Method Result Estimation of Korean Earth-Centered Coordination System Decision
2001 Research into Framework Establishment and Production of Samples Research into Map Drawing using Satellite Research into Optimization of Auto Aerial Photographing Research into Application of Aerial Photographs Research into Method to Memory Jung-Ho Kim Research into Human Resources adopting VLBI Production of Digital Land Statistic Map Research into Conversion to Georeference System Research into Rationalization of Survey and Cadastral System Development of Information Supply System and Maintenance of Control Point Research into Quality Development of Aerial Photograph Research into Application of GPS/INS in the Field Installation of Digital Elevation Research into Geographic Information Standardization Research into object-oriented DDMS
2002 Research into Land Investigation Methods Automatization of Map Production Production of Land Statistic Maps Establishment of ISP [Information Strategy Plan] of DDMS B/C Analysis of NGIS White Paper Publications related to Survey and Topography Establishment of the Plan to Install Framework
2003 Method of land investigation Adjustment of Map pricing Land monitoring technology UFID[Unique Feature ldentifier] Build 3D virtual land information Build on-line GPS data service system Standardization of meta data Transfering of the digital map Publication of surveying dictionary Development of electronic control monuments Introduction of VRS[Virtual Reference Station]