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1980´s NGII Research Results
1980Korean Topography (Introduction)
1981Korean Geographical Name's Digest
Maps and Geographical Names
1983Korean Topography (Seoul, Incheon, Kyounggi)
Precious Korean Leveling Net
1984Korean Topograhy (Kangwon Choongchung)
Precious Korean Triangulation Net Regulation
1985Korean Topography (Busan, Taegu, Kyoungsang)
Precious Korean Geodetic Survey Net InstallationResearch into Aerial Photographing Technology to Produce Large-Scale Maps
1986Korean Topography (Junra, Cheju)
Research into Gravity Survey
1987Origins of Geographical Names (Introduction)
Research into the 2nd Order Leveling Net Regulation
1989Research into Practicality and Estimation of Korean Triangulation Points