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National Land Survey

National Land Survey
  • National Survey
  • Administration and Management of Korea Land Portal
  • Compilation of the Geography of Korea
  • Geographical Names
  • Public surveying
  • Understanding the Process of Public Surveys
  • The Gazetteer of Korea
  • Toponymic Guidelines
National Land Survey
Project overview
Provide information that can serve as a basis for making land-related plans and policies by systematically collecting and processing currently-scattered data on national territories
Enable public access to useful information on national land by establishing a database of related statistics and making it available online through services including an e-book
1993-1995: Conducted a land survey according to the Act on Comprehensive Plans for Construction in the National Territory/Ministry of Construction
2001: Conducted a study on the improvement of the national land survey/Ministry of Construction and Transportation (Division of Land Survey)
2002: Enacted the Framework Act on National Territory and its Enforcement Decree
2003: Conducted a study on the implementation of a national land survey/National Geographic Information Institute
2004: Launched a pilot project for a national land survey/National Geographic Information Institute
-Established a statistical database that contains four years of surveys for 102 indexes and 228 categories of national territory

-Developed a system of national survey mapping, updated the database into the system and launched web services making the information available
2005-2009: Conducted a national land survey and built the related database/National Geographic Information Institute
-Developed 611 indexes of national territory, such as population density, by 2010

-Established a multiple-phase database spanning the 1960s to the present, allowing for time-series analysis

-Changed the format of annual reports on the national land survey from booklet to e-book
Future Plans (2010)
-To improve the computer system based on establishing user- oriented system of information service in order to use national land indexes easy

-To add new indexes and construct an additional database that contains to update existing indexes such as human geography and territorial fields

-To make mid- and long-term plans for implementing the land survey