2. Key Activities
  3. Geodesy
  4. Measurement of Unified Control Point

Measurement of Unified Control Point

Measurement of Unified Control Point
  • Geodetic origin point
  • Triangulation
  • Measurement of Unified Control Point
  • Leveling
  • Gravity Surveying
  • Geomagnetism Surveying
  • Very Long Baseline Interferometry (VLBI)
Measurement of Unified Control Point
As of 2010, 1,200 integrated control points have been established nationwide, in order to maximize users’ convenience and the efficiency of measurement by establishing multifunctional control points that integrate the functions of individually established and managed national control points (triangulation point, gravity point, etc.).
GPS surveying, or satellite surveying, determines a three-dimensional location (longitude, latitude, and elevation) of an observation point on the basis of radio waves received from a satellite after measuring the rate of change in direction and distance from the observer to the satellite. Using the global standard three-dimensional Cartesian coordinate system, which takes the core of the earth as the zero point, this type of surveying identifies the shape of the earth and the location of any given point on its surface and unites the independent geodetic networks of different countries.
  • Shape Shape
  • Leveling Leveling
  • GPS surveying GPS surveying
  • Gravity surveying Gravity surveying