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What´s New

Participation on 41th ISO/TC211, December 2015, Sydney


As the national mapping agency and a representative of the Republic of Korea, NGII participated the 41th Spatial Information ISO.


In Spatial Information and Surveying Sector, the subject presented at ISO/TC211 introduced Korean experience and implications of applying international standards introduced the experiences and implications of applying international standards in Korea through the theme presentation in expert in Korea in international standard and working group that was enacted and conducted standard deliberations. In the workshop session, presentations were made on the plans and status of Foundation Spatial Data Framework (FSDF) being promoted by Australian / New Zealand (host country).

In addition, a presentation on the FSDF detailed construction technology was made. DGIWF, INSPIRE, and ISO/TC211 on the use of national and international standards.


NGII emphasized the importance of UN-GGIM's linkage with GGRF (Global Geodetc Reference Framework), together with the importance of the ISO19161 position reference standard, and introduced it to GGRF chairman Australia / Norway. 30 resolutions were adopted at the general assembly and participated in management group meetings such as ontology.


In the future, considering standardization development trend of ISO / TC211 field, 'NGII’s standardization plan for 2016' system will immediately reflect the revision of new ISO standard, and UML model registry will be established.


It will actively participate in the development of the ISO / TC211 standard associated with NGII's leading participating UN-GGIM and related working groups (position reference, SDI, land management).